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DIS was launched by Miningtw Technology Co., Ltd., a cooperation team located in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Disney(DIS) Information

Disney Coin (DIS) aims to bring joy and innovation, dedicated to building a fair, open, and democratic blockchain-based community. The founder of DIS, DaddyPig, originally from Hong Kong, immigrated to Taiwan in pursuit of democracy and freedom. DIS is a cryptocurrency issued by MiningTW, a joint venture established by investors from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Starting from a miner, DaddyPig expanded to build large-scale mining farms and devoted himself to developing blockchain projects, including the creation of a decentralized exchange (DEX) and multiple blockchain ecological projects. DaddyPig has been involved in promoting blockchain projects such as EthereumFair (ETHF) and DogeW in the Chinese-speaking region. EthereumFair (ETHF) is a fork when ETH upgrades to PoS, retaining operation on the PoW proof of work, and DogeCoin, which is currently forking from Scrypt algorithm to ETHASH algorithm. Upholding the spirit of decentralization and investing significant resources, DaddyPig ensures potential for development and future possibilities.

DIS was launched by Miningtw Technology Co., Ltd., a cooperation team located in Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is a meme token issued by the relevant communities of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and mining. Tokens for interaction, event rewards, gifts, charitable purposes, and dreams, the token economic model 50% of the circulation is longer than 5 years of pledge mining, and users pledge tokens to divide up the percentage rewards per second according to the total amount of pledges. To achieve a value that is more worthy of long-term holding and collection, but here is a statement that it has nothing to do with Walt Disney and it did not happen to them. Although the names are similar, but in different fields and scopes, memes are purely for fun and joy.

As a cryptocurrency based on the BSC network, DIS has several functions and innovations. DIS implements decentralized governance, allowing users to decide the direction of community development and major decisions through voting. DIS supports EVM smart contracts, realizing various complex transactions and operations. Even tokens can generate an economic model. DIS’s staking rewards and burning mechanism, with a total issuance of 100,000,000 DIS, ensure its long-term value and scarcity.

Our Social Networks

Let's connect on social media and we'll keep you up to date on what's going on at Disney(DIS).You can find our official social media accounts here, and if we add additional channels, we'll update this page as well.

Disney (DIS) Token

DIS is bnb smart chain token

Disney(DIS) : BSC/BEP20



燃燒 292,887.165772 DIS
價值約 $79,994.7USD合共已燒毀 1,094,931.8 [&he

探索從 BRC-20 到 DRC-20 的 POW 生態重塑

DRC-20 作為擁有百萬用戶基礎,且自帶 Meme 屬性的代幣標準,會是下一個成功的創新實現嗎? 引言 Or [&he

DIS & ETHF 合併消息(不斷更新)

DIS Chain 是以太坊ETHASH算法PoW公链,是原以太坊转POS保留在POW的分叉ETHF融入MEM [&he


#伊甸基金會,是於1982年成立的 #台灣#身心障礙 者權利團體,服務社會四十年! 中秋將至,伊甸庇護工場與 [&hel


0821推特DC活動 DIS&Fren 空投發送通知DIS https://bscscan.com/t [&he

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