Disney (DIS) Token White Paper 2.0

Disney (DIS) Token White Paper 2.0



DIS is bnb smart chain token

BSC Token Address: 0xe2ecc66e14efa96e9c55945f79564f468882d24c


Official Website: https://distoken.xyz

Official Email: [email protected]

Twitter: https://twitter.com/distoken_xyz

Telegram: https://t.me/miningtwxyz

SWFT Exchange:  https://swap.swftcoin.com

DEX: https://dex.miningtw.xyz


Mining: https://tokentool.app/mining/detail/0x3D61B31C5231Efda906d22df3a2a7350C04032b3?chainId=56

Disney(DIS)MEME Token Introduction Video https://youtu.be/ARR4gf1otx0

CMC: https://coinmarketcap.com/zh-tw/currencies/disney/



[DIS] was launched by Miningtw Technology Co., Ltd., a cooperation team located in Hong Kong and Taiwan, on 2023-5-8. It is a meme token issued by the relevant communities of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and mining. Tokens for interaction, event rewards, gifts, charitable purposes, and dreams, the token economic model 50% of the circulation is longer than 5 years of pledge mining, and users pledge tokens to divide up the percentage rewards per second according to the total amount of pledges. To achieve a value that is more worthy of long-term holding and collection, but here is a statement that it has nothing to do with Walt Disney and it did not happen to them. Although the names are similar, but in different fields and scopes, memes are purely for fun and joy.



The DIS token originates from a community-proposed meme coin aimed at bringing joy and innovation, and is committed to establishing a fair, open, and democratic blockchain-based community. The founder of DIS is DaddyPig, originally from Hong Kong and immigrated to Taiwan to pursue democracy and freedom. Hong Kong and Taiwan jointly established Miningtw Technology Co., Ltd. Starting from a cryptocurrency miner, it expanded to build large-scale mines and devoted itself to developing blockchain projects, including establishing a decentralized exchange (DEX) and multiple blockchain ecosystem projects. DaddyPig has been involved in blockchain project development, such as the fork of ETH upgrading to PoS, maintaining EthereumFair (ETHF) on the PoW proof of work, and the fork of DogeCoin from the Scrypt algorithm to the ETHASH algorithm, DogeW, etc., supporting the spirit of decentralization, investing a lot of resources, looking forward to the potential and future possibilities of Web3.


Origin and Goals of DIS

DIS originated from a fun and joking idea proposed by the community. The goal of DIS is to establish a fair, open, and democratic blockchain community where every user can participate and decide the direction of community development. DIS can be used as a payment cryptocurrency, and it can also be used for charity, gifts, rewards, tips, etc., spreading joy and love to every corner of the world. We hope that with the development of the community, the value of DIS is expected to grow over time, bringing wealth accumulation to supporters and contributing to society. However, it is declared here that it is not issued by “The Walt Disney Company” and is not related to this company. Although the name is similar, the fields are different, and there is no intention of infringing or offending the trademark. The developers have chosen to relinquish ownership and transfer it to the address “0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead” in order to ensure the development of DIS and benefit the community. This action symbolizes a strong commitment to the spirit of decentralization. Importantly, this operation has no impact on token holders and market liquidity. We are confident in the future of the DIS token and express our gratitude for the support of the community. We will continue to work hard to realize the value and vision of DIS.


Functionality and Innovation of DIS

As a cryptocurrency based on the BSC network, DIS has several functions and innovations. DIS implements decentralized governance, allowing users to decide the direction of community development and major decisions through voting. DIS supports EVM smart contracts, realizing various complex transactions and operations. Even tokens can generate an economic model. DIS’s staking rewards and burning mechanism, with a total issuance of 100,000,000 DIS, ensure its long-term value and scarcity.


 Governance and Staking of DIS

DIS’s governance structure adopts the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) model, granting all DIS holders the right to participate in community decision-making, including proposals, discussions, and voting. In addition, DIS has implemented a staking mechanism. DIS holders can stake their tokens in smart contracts in exchange for interest or voting rights. The staked DIS will be locked for a period of time to ensure the fairness and transparency of governance.


 DIS Staking Mining Plan and Token Distribution

The total issuance of DIS tokens is 100 million. To incentivize DIS token holders, we have launched a five-year liquidity mining activity. 50% of the issuance, that is, 50 million tokens, are added to the staking mining reward pool. According to calculations, approximately 27,397 DIS will be released every day, that is, approximately 0.317 DIS per second. These rewards will be issued based on the total amount of staked tokens, and will be calculated and issued per second.

In order to further expand the development of DIS, 10% of DIS issuance, that is, 10 million DIS tokens, will be locked for staking for five years. 50% of the rewards obtained each month will be burned, and the other 50% will be used for development, promotion, and developer team distribution.

Assuming a total staking amount of 10 million DIS plus user staking 1000 DIS tokens, the user will get about one ten-thousandth of the total rewards per second, which is equivalent to getting about 2.74 DIS per day, about 82.2 DIS per month, and about 1000 DIS tokens rewards per year. The annualized return rate is as high as about 100%, and the monthly return is about 8.3%. This example is hypothetical and does not guarantee the percentage obtained. For example, if the total staking amount reaches 20 million DIS, then the reward annualization rate is about 50%. We hope that through this mining plan, attract more DIS holders to participate, and stimulate the potential value and development opportunities of DIS.

Staking method: https://tokentool.app/mining/detail/0x3D61B31C5231Efda906d22df3a2a7350C04032b3?chainId=56

Contract address: https://bscscan.com/address/0x3d61b31c5231efda906d22df3a2a7350c04032b3

Another 20% is used to increase liquidity in DEX decentralized transactions and provide liquidity buying and selling to CEX exchanges, 10% are distributed in batches airdropped or given to the community total amount, and 10% are used for promotion and advertising, development expenses and developer team distribution.


 Future of DIS

Although DIS is currently a cryptocurrency based on the BSC network, our vision goes far beyond this. In the future, we hope that DIS can become its own mainnet and have its own ecosystem. Once it becomes a mainnet, community users can issue their own tokens to realize their dreams. We hope that DIS can interact with various blockchain projects and applications to provide more choices and possibilities for users. We also hope that DIS can make greater contributions to society, not only through charitable activities or gift giving, rewarding functions, but also through technological innovation and community development.



DIS is a meme cryptocurrency full of hope and possibilities. We hope that through DIS, we can bring more joy, create more value, and realize our dream of a fair, open, and democratic blockchain community. The journey of DIS is just beginning, and we look forward to your participation and support to create a better future together.

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